Jewellery Insurance

It is smart decision to invest in jewellery insurance, for it to be lost, stolen or seriously damaged. T.H. March is the premier broker to the jewellery trade, and specialises in jewellery insurance. T.H. March offers unmatched expertise and service to all of its customers.

About T.H. March

  • Established in 1887
  • Trusted as appointed broker to The National Association of Goldsmiths
  • The firm is the official broker to the British Jewellers' Association
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (Register No. 308811) 

Free Insurance Quote For Your Diamond Jewellery? If you would like to acquire a free quote for your diamond jewellery insurance, please contact the very personable, expert staff at T.H. March on 01822 855555 (please quote our reference AG244T), or via their website

T.H. March are experts in jewellery insurance.

You may have cover for your jewellery under your existing home insurance but does it provide the cover you think (or hope) it does.

To illustrate this point here are a few problems arising under unsuitable home insurances which can be solved by products negotiated by T H March.

  • No cover away from your home
  • Theft cover from your home may only apply following forced entry.
  • Restrictions on the total of jewellery covered or the amount for any one item.
  • Accidental loss may not be included.
  • You typically have to pay the first £50 or £100 of any loss (the excess).
  • You may be forced to replace lost jewellery via a source chosen by your insurer and not the jeweller you want to use.
  • If limited details of jewellery to be insured are taken when cover is arranged this can lead to replacement of lost or stolen jewellery with items of inferior quality.
  • Your home insurance company's staff may not understand jewellery and jewellers.
  • Arranging your insurance cover via T H March will ensure any claim is hassle free and your interests are looked after.
  • If you deal direct with an insurer, there is no-one to act on your behalf.